Head teacher

Welcome to the federated website of Singlegate and William Morris Primary Schools. Our federation comprises of two expanding successful primary schools in the London Borough of Merton.

Both schools within the federation serve a diverse community, which has a "thirst for learning" and an understanding that "success is a journey not a destination".

Now operating together as one organisation, with one Governing Body and an Executive Headteacher, we are best placed to offer our children the highest possible standard of 21st Century innovative learning and teaching.

Our federation prides itself on recognising the potential of every individual to achieve excellence. We work hard to creatively remove barriers to achievement and raise self-esteem. We seek to stimulate the love of learning in our children so that they want to learn for themselves and achieve to the very best of their abilities.

We have created a true culture of "collaborative learning" through meaningful partnerships with the whole school community.

A successful partnership that:

"Sees the Schools, Believes the Dream, Achieves the Vision"

Mrs Bull
Executive Headteacher