Breakfast and After School Club

The before and after school provision is a valued part of life at Singlegate Primary School. Both clubs are incredibly popular and heavily subscribed, with over 150 children on our attendance register.

Children can be booked into the clubs on an annual basis to secure their place. We operate on a first come, first served basis. Booking forms are available both via the school office and/or via the school website. If you wish to complete the form electronically it can be downloaded as a PDF file and emailed directly to Mrs Samboer at . This will ensure that all forms arrive securely. Mrs Samboer will continue to be responsible for all bookings.

It is worth booking well in advance to avoid disappointment. Any bookings will only be secured with payment of the total fee for the proposed number of sessions with your booking. If your child is absent due to sickness we will not be able to refund the booking fee. However with a longer term absence (2 days or more) we would carry the session forward for you. This would enable us to securely fill that space with due notice. Payments for extended services provision using the childcare vouchers will continue with the current booking arrangements.

Please note:

cancelled sessions require one week’s notice, in advance, to avoid being charged.

Breakfast Club:

The Breakfast Club provides 40 places for children aged 4 – 11 years old, from 7:40am – 8:40am, Monday to Friday.

Daily sessions will now be charged at £5.00 per session.

A weekly menu outlining the children’s choices when selecting breakfast is available for families on request.

There are currently 3 full time members of staff to support the planning of activities linked to project themes. The Breakfast Club is located in Hyde Park Corner building.

Members of the Breakfast Club team
Play Leader Mrs Donna Dearlove
Play Worker Miss Lisa Ludlow
Play Worker Miss Ludlow
Play Worker Mrs Tayyaba Qayyum

After School Club:

The After School Club will provide 54 places for children aged 4- 11 years old, from 3:15pm – 5:50pm, Monday to Friday

  • 30 places will be allocated for under 8 years old provision.
  • 24 places will be allocated for over 8 years old provision.

Daily sessions are charged at £12.50 per day, less than £5.00 per hour for childcare.

The children are collected by members of the team and taken for registration in the Hyde Park Corner After School Club room. The children are offered refreshments with discussion around what activities are available for the session and anything else that they would like included.

Children have free flow access to the playground and dual park area. There are activities planned within each session that caters for the various age ranges and interests of the children attending. Weekly planning takes into account themed weeks, festivals and celebrations and is line with the range of projects that children study in school.

There will be two planned ‘teatimes’ for children from 4:30 – 5:15pm. Children will have access to snacks/drinks at all times throughout the session. Teatimes are staggered to ensure that the younger children eat earlier if hungry and that children who are collected mid-session are still catered for before they leave.

Members of the After School Club team
Play LeaderMr Sam Dear
Play LeaderMrs Sharon Perry
Play LeaderMrs Lisa Ludlow
Play Worker Mrs Tayyaba Qayyum
Play Worker Mrs Vi Haly
Play Worker Ms Stacey Trivett
Play Worker Mrs Deborah Morgan-Luis
Play Worker Mrs Tina Winters