Mindfulness Day

As part of our ongoing focus on improving the social, emotional and mental health of our school community, we are pleased to be hosting a ‘Mindfulness Day’ on Tuesday 26th March.

The aims of the day are to continue to explore the link between the mind and the body, establish the link between mindfulness and mental wellbeing and to introduce some mindfulness strategies to the children.

The NHS suggest several ways to be more mindful, including:

  • Notice the everyday - engage your senses, for example to think about the food you eat and the feeling of the air moving past as you walk.
  • Try seeing things from a different perspective. This can be as simple as choosing a different seat at school, college or in a work meeting, or going somewhere new for lunch.
  • Watch your thoughts - see them as "mental events" and let them come and go in your mind, like buses.
  • Name your thoughts and feelings to get more awareness, for example recognising "this is anxiety".
  • As well as practising in day-to-day life, you can set aside time for mindfulness meditation, yoga or tai-chi.

The themed day will include:

  • Mile a Day – As with all our themed days this year, all children are invited to join staff to walk/run the mile or to cycle two miles from 8:15am. Those who participate can enjoy a tasty hot cross bun courtesy of Mrs. Bull!
  • Mindfulness strategies – Teachers across the school have enjoyed some training from a qualified mindfulness practitioner and are now busy planning different activities to undertake with the children which support the mindfulness philosophy.
  • Mindfulness eating – All classes are planning a session on mindfulness eating where children will be encouraged to pay close attention to the taste of their food and to think about the impact what they eat has on their mind and body.
  • Workshops – Some year groups will be participating in workshops aimed at promoting mindfulness and mental health.

As part of our Mindfulness Day, we are pleased to welcome Peter Johnson a psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner. Peter is a graduate of University College London and he will be leading an assembly for our Year 5 and 6 children on how they can use Mindfulness to deal with anxiety and overcome emotional difficulties which they will undoubtedly face over the coming years.

Children in other year groups will be introduced to various mindfulness activities which they can use both in groups and independently when required.

We are really looking forward to raising awareness of Mindfulness with the children and continuing our education of mental health and wellbeing together.