Year 2 - Passionate Pimlico

Teacher: Mrs Newman
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mughal and Miss Boca
Additional Staff: Mrs Marshall

Teacher's Comments

We are positive, persevering and passionate Pimlico Class and we are really excited about the new experiences coming our way in Year 2!

We will be very busy this year, overcoming challenges and becoming brave, independent and keen learners, we will learn from our mistakes and stand proud of our achievements.

We yet to discover our potential, develop our individual strengths and collaborate with others to do the same. We will enjoy reading lots of inspiring books, learn different facts and be encouraged by the imaginative stories and characters.

Our curiosity of past and present events will continue to grow as we explore our various topics including Who’s Henry, Pirates, Fairy tales and the Beach. Our imagination will flourish as our learning in all areas of the curriculum will embark on great adventures and our various academic skills will be required.