The Lunchtime - Singlegate

Hot meals are provided for the children everyday.

£2.00 per day

We have six Midday Supervisors on the team at Singlegate Primary School. They play a major role in the caring of our children during the lunchtime period. They have a positive and significant impact on our children's social learning and self-confidence. A positive and healthy attitude to food and eating are encouraged every meal time. Our Midday Supervisors understand that children learn just as much at playtime as they do during lessons and therefore actively engage in play and conversation with the children, encouraging children's own games, rather than just supervising them.

The Midday Supervisors look for and reward good behaviour and are aware that different children have different needs. In recognition of good behaviour choices during lunchtimes, a child from each year group is selected to join Mrs Bull at the Top Table. All the Midday Supervisors have good relationships with the children which helps to ensure that lunchtimes are an enjoyable and exciting time of the day!

Years 1 and 2- 12:05 - 12:50

Years 3 and 4- 12:30 - 13:15

Years 5 and 6- 12:45 - 13:30

'Top Team Thursday'

Following consultation with all the children during School Engine circle time, they have requested that they would like planned activities during lunchtime, so that more children become more involved in a variety of games.

The midday supervisory team plan their activities using a range of resources and enjoy these with the children on a directed day. Some of the activities requested by the children have included more traditional playground games such as Hop Scotch, Peep Behind The Curtain, Duck Duck Goose, Cricket and lots more....

Our directed activity day is on a Thursday and has been named "Top Team Thursday!" The feedback from the children so far, has been very positive! They love the team games and the opportunity to enjoy a range of resources.