The Office Team - William Morris

Mrs Christopherson

As the School Business Manager at William Morris Primary School I am responsible for the smooth running of the school office and managing the administration for the school.

I am responsible for the day to day administration of the school budget, school fund and extended school funds, in consultation with the Executive Headteacher, ensuring the school has appropriate financial systems in place.

I am responsible for the administration of the Human Resources, payroll, Health and Safety, premises and school admissions, ensuring all policies, procedures and reporting required by the Local Authority and Governors are adhered to.

Mrs Davies

Administrative Officer

Mrs Parrett

I am the Office Administrator for William Morris Primary School.

I am responsible for; School Attendance, School Admissions, Safeguarding, Pupil Premium, School trips, First Aid and general office duties.

The Local Authority are responsible for the allocation of school places, and it is my responsibility to arrange the admission to our school once the local authority send through the request to admit your child. If you would like to view our school visits are held on a Thursday morning at 10am and must be booked in advance. For further information please do contact the school office.

I work closely with the Executive Headteacher, The Local Authority and Governors with regards to school attendance. Half termly reports are prepared and shared with the relevant authorities and children’s attendance that is of concern is closely monitored and families contacted accordingly. The school’s attendance expectation is 96.1% as set by the Local Authority. If for any reason your child is unable to attend school please contact the school on the first day of absence with a reason for absence. Any absences are at the discretion of the Executive Headteacher if they will be authorised or not. We ask that appointments are made out of school hours wherever possible although we do understand there are occasions where this is not possible. In these instances please bring in the medical appointment letter or card in order to authorise that absence. Children’s whose attendance falls below expectations may be referred to the Education Welfare Officer. Leave of Absence can only be authorised in ‘exceptional circumstances’ and must be requested in advance of booking by completing a form which you can collect at the school office. You will receive a copy of your request advising if it is authorised or not by Mrs Bull.

I work closely with the Executive Headteacher and Associate Headteacher with all matters relating to Safeguarding Administration, attending safeguarding meetings and keeping records up to date. The school takes all matters of safeguarding seriously and if a child makes a disclosure to a member of staff this will be followed up and reported to the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and families may be contacted to attend a meeting to discuss those concerns and referrals made via the Merton MASH Team may be deemed required to offer support to the family.

All parents on admission are asked to complete a Pupil Premium form to check their eligibility for Free School Meals even if they are aware at that time they will not qualify as this will ‘get you in the checking system’ if your circumstances were to change at a later date. If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals and have not completed a form please do come and see me at the office for a form to complete and sign and I can check the eligibility for you.

The children at William Morris Primary School will participate in school trips tailored to their learning projects. Part of my role is to arrange public transport or in fact transport the children on those visits by driving the minibus. As the school is a ‘Gold Accredited’ school with the school Travel Plan we endeavour to use sustainable modes of transport and so children wherever possible will use public transport to ‘get out and about’.

If you have any questions or queries relating to your child do come and see me at the school office where I will be happy to help you.

Mrs Reed

My Name is Christine Reed and I’d like to introduce myself and the new and exciting role of Family Support for the Federation of Singlegate and William Morris Primary Schools.

Family Support as a designated role is very unusual in Primary Schools. Often issues and difficulties at home affect a child’s learning but so too can an experience at school affect home life and a child’s wellbeing.

It is my role to help bridge the gap between school and home so that adults in your child’s life can work together to enable your child to be happy and successful in their learning and to be emotionally secure and settled.

I have 30 years of experience working with Children and Families in both the statutory and voluntary sectors. I have social work experience in terms of Child Protection, but also years of therapeutic work with children who are unsettled or have additional needs and also with parents who require someone to be an advocate for them as parents.

I hope to be able to bring my experience and parenting skills into school to help with all of the challenges we face as parents. I can provide one to one focussed direct work with children to enable them to better share their worries or what is preventing them from concentrating in class, making friendships or difficulties at home. For Parents I am able to offer advice, guidance and practical parenting strategies looking at routines, structure, boundaries, behaviour and stimulation which can be worked on together. I can visit you at home by yourself or with your children so that I can help reinforce and really work with you to help set the ‘house’ rules and expectations you have as a parent.

If you feel that I can be of help to you and your family in any way I am here at school. Just ask at the office to contact me by phone or email and please leave your name and phone number and I will get back to you quickly.

Mr Parsons

Site Manager